Storm Damage?

Storm Alert WarningThe recent storm in YOUR area on May 2nd, 2016 has caused widespread wind, rain, and hail damage to many homes near Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Hoadly, Buckhall, Woodbridge, Agnewville, Manassas, and Woodlawn Meadows areas of Prince William County. Virginia Hail Storm Damage Alert: Repairs near Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Hoadly, Buckhall, Woodbridge, Agnewville, Manassas, and Woodlawn Meadows

Hail Storm Damage Repairs in Virginia

Call 1-877-543-9737 today to schedule your FREE, no obligation , hail storm damage assessment.

Insurance Approved - Home Roofing and Siding RepairsExpert Interiors & Exteriors is offering a FREE, no obligation damage assessment to all Virginia homeowners in locales near Lake Ridge (Prince William County) that were effected by the major hail storm on May 2nd, 2016. If your home has hail damage, we will work closely with your insurance carrier to help you get the funding needed to properly repair your roof and siding.

Near Tennis Ball sized hail was reported in Occoquan, Prince William County, on this day. Occoquan alone contains about 10,000+ households that may have been subjected to extremely large hail.

If you’re concerned that your home has sustained hail damage during the recent hail storm, call 1-877-543-9737 today to schedule your FREE damage assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Buckhall, Virginia get a lot of hail?

Environmental reports state that Buckhall, Virginia has a HIGH risk of hail storms and a VERY HIGH risk of tornadoes. If you live near Buckhall, VA please be sure to evaluate your home often and call us if you either need assistance in assessing any potential damage or if you're ready for an estimate. There's never any obligation or cost for our home assessment. []

How big was the hail in the Lake Ridge, VA area during the (May 2nd, 2016) storm?

Several hail reports were observed with radar indicating hail above the size of golf balls (1.75”). Some hail exceeded 2.75" near Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Hoadly, Buckhall, Woodbridge, Agnewville, Manassas, and Woodlawn Meadows.

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