Storm Damage?

Storm Alert Warning in Lancaster, PAThe storm in YOUR area on September 5th, 2017 has caused widespread wind, rain, and hail damage to many Lancaster homes near Rohrestown, Bausman, Woodlawn, and Millersville, Pennsylvania (PA). View our PA state license, check out our solid reputation on BBB, browse our hand-written customer testimonials, and contact us now.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania Hail Storm Damage Roofing Repairs - Sept 5th, 2017

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA) Hail Storm Damage Roofing Repairs

We are your Expert roofing and siding contractor in Lancaster areas near Rohrestown, Bausman, Woodlawn, and Millersville.

Call 1-877-543-9737 today to schedule your FREE, no obligation , hail storm damage assessment.

Insurance Approved - Home Roofing and Siding Repairs in LancasterExpert Interiors & Exteriors is offering a FREE, no obligation damage assessment to all PA homeowners in locales near Lancaster County that were effected by the major hail storm on September 5th, 2017.

On September 5th, 2017 strong winds (50+ mph), rain, and golf-ball sized hail were reported by multiple sources in Lancaster areas near to Rohrestown, Bausman, Woodlawn, and Millersville just before 5pm. Local damage is reported to have been estimated near $120,000.

Trees were reported down in multiple locations and fire crews were dispatched to storm damaged areas including Lampeter Township, Columbia, East Donegal Township, Lancaster city and Manheim Township. Several streets were blocked due to extensive storm damage, including detached roofs, closer to North Broad Street, East Chestnut Street, Lancaster Avenue, Charlotte Street, Lemon Street, Shippen Street, and Pine Street.

Our roof repair company has completed recent work on Capri Road, Southlawn Drive, Stonebridge Drive, Bent Treee Drive and Fairway Drive for your reference. If you’re concerned that your home may have sustained hail damage during the recent hail storm and roof or siding repair may be needed, call 1-877-543-9737 today to schedule your FREE damage assessment.

Pennsylvania (PA) Hail Storm Damage Roofing Repairs - License Expert Roofing Contractors Lancaster PA Certificate of Insurance Lancaster, PA Roofing and Siding Contractors

"I can't praise them enough..."

Email review from Marilyn Bradley
November 5th, 2018
Lancaster, PA

"I am so happy with my new roof!"

Letter from Barbara Schmid
Oct 17, 2018
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster PA - Roofing Customer

Completed PA Roofing and Siding Homes near Lancaster, PA:

Pennsylvania AddressCitySiding ColorRoof Color
1919 Ursinus AveLancaster Slatetone Grey
516 Capri Rd LancasterMontana SuedeSlatetone Grey
1697 Southlawn Dr Lancaster Rustic Black
914 Stonebridge DrLancaster Weathered Wood
204 Rockford SquareLancaster Rustic Redwood
401 Capri RdLancaster Rustic Cedar
201 Bent Tree DrLancaster Rustic Black
801 Fairway DrLancaster Natural Timber
1695 Southlawn DrLancaster Rustic Black
1079 Hunters PathLancaster Black Walnut
620 Bermuda RdLancaster Virginia Slate
1340 Jasmine LaneLancaster Thunderstorm Grey
3 Chukar CtLancaster Rustic Redwood
295 Browning RdLancaster Black Walnut
1333 Jasmine LnLancaster Natural Timber
602 Bermuda RdLancaster Rustic Redwood
309 Abbeyville RdLancaster Black Walnut
1835 Linwood AveLancaster Thunderstorm Grey
2507 Valley Dr Lancaster Thunderstorm Grey
926 Stonebridge Dr Lancaster Aged Wood
1790 Argyle Dr Lancaster Oxford Grey
2459 Creekview Dr Lancaster Autumn Brown
1819 Heritage Ave Lancaster Weathered Wood
1813 Speedwell Rd Lancaster Weathered Wood
1889 Speedwell Rd Lancaster Rustic Cedar
7 Chukar Ct Lancaster Black Walnut
1702-1716 Old Phila Pike Lancaster Black Walnut
3622 Orkney Rd Lancaster Natural Timber
274 Orkney Rd Lancaster Rustic Black
270 Orkeyn Rd Lancaster Rustic Black
601 Bermuda Rd Lancaster Rustic Cedar
505 Bermuda Rd Lancaster Rustic Black
49 Strasburg Pike Lancaster Rustic Cedar
47 Strasburg Pike Lancaster Rustic Cedar
12 Princeton Ave Lancaster Black Walnut
1328 Jasmine Ln Lancaster Weathered Wood
1825 Heritage Ave Lancaster Autumn Brown
813 Coopers Ct Lancaster Slatetone Grey
3093 Lyndana Dr Lancaster Weathered Wood
1113 Sunwood Ln Lancaster Hickory
207 Glebe Ln Lancaster Natural Timber
121 Elmwood Rd Lancaster Charcoal
54 Ridgefield Dr Lancaster Thunderstorm Grey
12 Strasburg Pike Lancaster Old English Pewter
18 Strasburg Pike Lancaster Old English Pewter
20 Strasburg Pike Lancaster Old English Pewter
942 Lindsay Ln Lancaster Autumn Brown
561 Oak Ridge Dr Millersville Rustic Redwood
807 Kreps Rd Lancaster Rustic Slate
1329 Jasmine Ln Lancaster Rustic Black
1920 Linden St E Petersburg Black Walnut
3130 Randy Rd Lancaster Oxford Grey
141 Huntingwood Dr Lancaster Weathered Wood
1732 Valette Dr Lancaster Rustic Slate
455 Delp Rd Lancaster Thunderstorm Grey
601 Springton Way Lancaster Weathered Wood
1321 Hyde Park Dr Lancaster Natural Timber
1944 Speedwell Dr Lancaster Weathered Wood
1368 Jasmine Ln Lancaster Natural Timber
1005 Steeplechase Dr Lancaster Slatetone Grey
1112 Sunwood Ln Lancaster Rustic Black
3131 Randy Rd Lancaster Virginia Slate
1135 Persimmon Dr Lancaster Natural Timber
1325 Jasmine Ln Lancaster Natural Timber
1801 Speedwell Rd Lancaster Rustic Redwood
6 Emerson Ct Lancaster Thunderstorm Grey
1138 Persimmon Dr Lancaster Rustic Black
960 E Orange St Lancaster Virginia Slate
13 Pleasant Dr Lancaster Slatetone Grey
809 Pinetree Way Lancaster Thunderstorm Grey
1357 Jasmine Ln Lancaster Weathered Wood
510 Bermuda Rd Lancaster Natural Timber
3714 Nolt Rd Landisville, PA Shakewood
1940 Speedwell Rd Lancaster Rustic Cedar
1885 Speedwell Rd Lancaster Rustic Redwood
334 Sload CircleMarietta  Black Walnut
308 Amanda CourtMarietta  Driftwood
121 Village Square DriveMarietta  Agedwood
416 Tanger StreetMarietta  Moire Black
149 Village Square DriveMarietta  Natural Timber
417 Tanger StreetMarietta  Natural Timber
3088 N. 5th Street Whitehall  Rustic Black
3218 Coplay Court Whitehall  Autumn Brown
3667 Alma dr. Allentown   Weathered Wood
5380 Andrea dr. Allentown   Charcoal
4914 Cypress st. Allentown   Colonial White
229 Murray Dr Allentown Savannah Wicker Savannah Wicker
825 Pinnacle dr. Allentown   Weathered Wood
1056 Manor Dr. Allentown Royal Crest  
4616 Virginia dr. Bethlehem   Mission Brown
363 Warren blvd. Broomall   Shake wood
211 Bourne dr. Broomall   Fox Hollow Grey
352 Red Hill Rd Broomall   Oyster Grey
409 Eldon Dr Broomall   Slate
205 Canterbury dr. Broomall   Biscayne Blue
357 Sussex Blvd Broomall   Shakewood
2770 Old Cedar Grove Broomall   Barkwood
407 Eldon dr. Broomall   Shake wood
9 Dorset Dr Broomall   Hunter Green
372 Westfield Broomall Silver Ash Fox Hollow Grey
334 Hasting blvd. Broomall   Shake wood
204 Durley dr. Broomall Colonial White Charcoal
406 Eldon dr. Broomall   Williamsburg Slate
417 Eldon dr. Broomall   Biscayne Blue
203 Durley Dr Broomall   Shakewood
411 Eldon dr. Broomall   Mission Brown
422 S.Central Blvd Broomall Sterling Grey Oyster Grey
404 S.Central blvd. Broomall Cypress Mission Brown
615 Warren blvd. Broomall   Shake wood
411 Hampshire dr. Broomall Light Maple Weather Wood
607 Warren Blvd Broomall Savannah Wicker  
267 Swanage Dr Broomall   Hunter Green
119 Morton ave. Broomall   Fox Hollow Grey
413 Eldon Dr Broomall   Charcoal
421 Hampshire dr. Broomall   Shake Wood
415 Hampshire Dr. Broomall   Weather Wood
333 Sussex blvd. Broomall   Biscayne Blue
611 Warren Blvd Broomall   Shakewood
360 Warren blvd. Broomall   Weather Wood
613 Warren blvd. Broomall   Slate
23 Dorsett Broomall   Mission Brown
207 Durley Dr Broomall   Hunter Green
214 N.Central blvd. Broomall   Shake Wood
609 S.Central blvd. Broomall   Pewter Grey
38 James st. Broomall   Shake Wood
222 Canterbury Broomall   Slate
413 Eldon dr. Broomall   Charcoal
406 S.Central blvd. Broomall   Oyster Grey
267 Hastings blvd. Broomall Sterling Grey Hickory
302 S.Central blvd. Broomall   Biscayne Blue
904 Walnut Collingdale   Bark Wood
321 S.Main st. Coopersburg   Pewter Grey
1107 Alexander ave. Drexel Hill Silver Ash Pewter
1102 Alexander ave. Drexel Hill   Weather Wood
807 Irvington rd. Drexel Hill   Charcoal
451 Wilde Ave Drexel Hill   Hunter Green
753 Turner Ave Drexel Hill   Fox Hollow Grey
1808 Melrose Drexel Hill   Biscayne Blue
3220 Plumstead Drexel Hill White Charcoal
535 Furlong Ave Drexel Hill   Biscayne Blue
17 W. Wilmont ave   Fox Hollow Grey
404 Shelbourne Drexel Hill   Williamsburg Slate
3418 Plumstead Drexel Hill Oxford Blue Charcoal
1706 Tyson Rd Drexel Hill   Oyster Grey
5031 Bond Ave Drexel Hill   Charcoal
807 Irvington Drexel Hill   Charcoal
113 Flintlock Drexel Hill   Mission Brown
1113 Anderson ave. Drexel Hill   Bark Wood
3220 Plumstead ave Drexel Hill Colonial White Charcoal
753 Turner ave. Drexel Hill   Fox Hollow Grey
3427 Branswick ave. Drexel Hill Colonial White Biscayne Blue
1803 Melrose st. Havertown   Fox Hollow Grey
305 Upland rd. Havertown   Weather Wood
31 Greenview Havertown   Shakewood
1633 Earlington Havertown Standstone Beige Mission Brown
53 Sycamore Rd Havertown   Shakewood
333 Greenview Havertown   Driftwood
321 Greenview Havertown   Pewter Grey
311 Maryland Ave Havertown   Biscayne Blue
404 Maryland Ave Havertown   Charcoal
508 Upland Havertown   Weatherwood
406 Upland Ave Havertown   Slate
1821 Melrose ave Havertown   Williamsburg Slate
610 Valley rd. Havertown   Charcoal
15 E Wilmont Havertown   Charcoal
411 Upland rd. Havertown   Biscayne Blue
80 E. Plumstead Landsdown   Fox Hollow Grey
733 Towerview Dr Newtown   slate
4412 McMenamy Phila   Weather Wood
4060 Buck run Schnecksville   Mission Brown
4051 Buck run Schnecksville   Oyster Grey
342 Middle Park Dr Soudertun   Charcoal
9 Schuyler rd. Springfield   Shake Wood
620 Howarden Springfield   Williamsburg Slate
7212 Sellers ave. Upper Darby   Shake Wood
12 Winfield ave. Upper Darby   Hickory
27 Overhill rd. Upper Darby   Oyster Grey
120 Copley Rd Upper Darby   Fox Hollow Grey
1404 Main st. Upper Darby White Charcoal
12 Winfield Upper Darby   Biscayne Blue
122 Copley Rd Upper Darby   Charcoal
124 Coply rd. Uppper Darby   Charcoal
4832 Hemlock ct. Wescosville Light Maple  
534 Celia dr. Wescosville Savannah Wicker  
5321 Celia dr. Wescosville Granit Grey Charcoal
12 Winfield ave. Upper Darby   Hickory
27 Overhill rd. Upper Darby   Oyster Grey
1404 Main st. Upper Darby White Charcoal
124 Coply rd. Uppper Darby   Charcoal
4832 Hemlock ct. Wescosville Light Maple  
5321 Celia Dr Wescosville   Charcoal
534 Celia dr. Wescosville Savannah Wicker
1616 Clydesdale Yardley   Barkwood
1613 Clydesdale Yardley   Bark Wood

Frequently Asked Questions:

Was my block affected by the 9-5-2017 Hail Storm?

Multiple areas were affected but official reports indicate that street closures were activated due to hail storm damage closer to Broad Street, Chestnut Street, Lancaster Avenue, Charlotte, Lemon, Shippen, and Pine Streets.

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